Thursday, January 16, 2014

You know what you WANT, but do you know what you NEED ?

Although you are pregnant and you are allowed to crave and indulge you want to make sure you're getting the right amount of nutrients for you baby so they can develop correctly. 

The recommended daily servings include 6-11 servings of breads and grains, two to four servings of fruit, four or more servings of vegetables, four servings of dairy products, and three servings of protein sources (meat, poultry, fish, eggs or nuts). Try to eat as little sweets and fats as you can. 

  • - Choose at least one good source of vitamin C every day, oranges, grapefruits, strawberries, honeydew, papaya, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, green peppers, tomatoes, and mustard greens are all good examples of vitamin C enriched foods! Pregnant women need 70 mg of vitamin C a day
  • Choose at least one good source of folic acid every day, like dark green leafy vegetables, veal, and legumes (lima beans, black beans, black-eyed peas and chickpeas are all good sources). Every pregnant woman needs at least 0.4 mg of folic acid per day.
  • Choose at least one source of vitamin A every other day. Sources of vitamin A include carrots, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, spinach, water squash, turnip greens, beet greens, apricots, and cantaloupe.

- You want to choose foods high in fiber like whole-grain breads, cereals, pasta, rice, fruits, and vegetables.
- Make sure you are getting enough vitamins and minerals while pregnant! You should be taking a prenatal vitamin supplement.        
Eat and drink at least four servings of dairy products and calcium-rich foods a day to help ensure that you are getting 1000-1300 mg of calcium in your daily diet during pregnancy
Eat at least three servings of iron-rich foods per day to ensure you are getting 27 mg of iron daily
Just like when you aren't pregnant it's recommended that you eat healthy, remember that whatever you consume your baby consumes as well, whether it be drugs, cupcakes or salad. Make sure you are DEFINITELY fulfilling your cravings, but also doing this in moderation so you and your baby can stay healthy! 

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