Monday, January 13, 2014

What happens if the baby is sent home with an unsafe setting?

One in 5 adults lived with an alcoholic parent as a child, this means hospitals send 1 in 5 babies with parents to unhealthy homes....
Alcoholism runs in families...... Now That one child has a four times greater chance of becoming an alcoholic themselves. The other 4 children with the non-alcoholic parents find it natural to talk to their parents about their problems and anything they need. The child that will most likely become an alcoholic themselves, will never be able to talk to their parents about their drinking problem genuinely; because they are also facing the same problem. Some of the feelings this child can feel are:
Guilt: Are they the reason their parents drink?
Anxiety: Fear of fights with or between parents, what if the parents get hurt?
Embarrassment: Child won't bring friends over
Troubles with relationships: If the child has an alcoholic parent, chances are the relationship between them isn't very strong, giving this child no sense of trust.
Confusion: The parent may go through serious mood changes; ex. loving to angry... due to the use of alcohol. 
Anger: The child may become angry at the parent for the "lack of parenting" 
Depression: The child can easily feel very lonely with a household like this. 

These are only SOME of the emotional tolls that alcoholic parents can have on children.

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