Thursday, January 16, 2014

What the baby wants is what the baby gets!

What foods are the most popular craved foods of pregnant women? 
Here and some well known and maybe surprising cravings that pregnant women have, and some healthier choices to replace them with! 
1. Ice - No one knows why by pregnant women tend to crave ice and are always chewing on it. This is a healthy enough craving, have as much ice as you please!
2. Chocolate and sweets - you don't have to be pregnant to crave these, who doesn't love some sugar?! Chocolate has a very good physiological effect on the brain and this can be a good substitute for alcohol drinking. This craving can be ok; to a certain point that is. If you find your craving chocolate and sweets too much try no sugar added chocolate sauce on some fruit.
3. Spicy foods - You crave this because spicy foods naturally make your body sweat, pregnant women tend to be a bit warmer than the average person and this will help you stay cool. (Funny how your body knows) This is an ok craving too have! 
4. PICKLES (OF COURSE) - They are ok to crave, they are inexpensive, low in calories and delicious. 
5. Chips - If you need some salt this is what your body wants! A better alternative is some popcorn, still salty but better for you and your baby. 
6. Fruit - good good good
7. Lemons - not just lemons, but sour food in general - your taste buds change while pregnant and something sour surprises your tongue! 
8. Ice cream - It's sweet and cools you off - a better alternative would be frozen yogurt with some fruit on top.
9. Soda - Helps with upset stomachs (morning sickness) but too much caffeine isn't healthy for your baby. 
10 Coffee - unhealthy for your baby, but who doesn't love coffee? Try to keep it to a minimal. 

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