Monday, January 13, 2014

Unsafe setting Cont.

How does anyone ever tell if a child is in an unsafe setting and has some or all of the feelings that were listed in the last post?
Teachers and caregivers should suspect alcoholism or other problems going on at home if a child continues to show a good number of these signs.
Failure in school: is this something new for them? is there effort becoming progressively worse?
Lack of friends: unusual withdrawal from classmates/regular friends
Delinquent behavior: Violence or stealing - is this normal behavior?
Frequent physical complaints: ex. headache/ stomachache - these can be caused by stress and anxiety.
Abuse of drugs/alcohol: the child could be going to these things to "make them feel better" or it could just be something they know, because of the atmosphere at home.
Aggression towards other children/elders 
Risk Taking behaviors
Depression/Suicidal thoughts 

- The children may also have overbearing, controlling personalities unintentionally to fill the role of the "parents" they don't have.
- They may also become emotionally isolated from everyone they know (comes along with depression)
- Emotional issues tend to show more as the child goes into adulthood.

There are plenty of programs that offer help to a child of a alcoholic, to an alcoholic themselves or to the family as a whole. Obviously any of these programs can be very beneficial. Programs like these give the child a sense of stability, somewhere they don't feel so alone.

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