Wednesday, January 15, 2014

How does smoking cigarettes harm your unborn baby ?

Babies that born to mothers that smoke cigarettes......
- Are more likely to be born prematurely which is below 5.8 lb. The more the mother smokes the more likely the baby will weigh less. 

- Have organs that are smaller or less developed than a normal baby - With less developed organs the baby can also be less developed (mentally) as a child/adult. 
- Have poor lung function
- Have a higher risk of sudden infant death syndrome
- Are ill more frequently- because their immune systems become more weak (Babies born to women who smoked 15 cigarettes or more a day during pregnancy are taken into hospital twice as often during the first eight months of life.)

-Are more likely to become smokers in their future 
- When the mother is a smoker they have a higher chance of miscarriage 

- Later in the pregnancy, smoking mothers are at increased risk of the baby's placenta coming away from the womb before the baby is born which is placental abruption.This may cause the baby to be born prematurely, starve of oxygen, or even to die in the womb (stillborn).

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