Thursday, December 19, 2013

What happens if It's suspected that Your Baby is Going Through Withdrawal?

This is a link from a protocol from a hospital that describes the Clinical signs of withdrawal that hospital workers look for, how long the withdrawals last, etc.

- When hospital workers suspect that a baby may be going through withdrawals they collect the baby's first stool, and bring it to a lab. They can detect drugs use from the babies first 6 weeks in the womb. If traces of drugs are found they go along with a certain protocol depending on the babies symptoms.

- As the child grows older they may be affected by the drugs the mother did in the womb, these are some therapies that children are sent to because of these health issues.
  • speech therapy

  • physical therapy
  • pediatric nutritionist or dietician
  • occupational therapy
  • behavior therapy/ developmental help based on assessments

  • respiratory therapy if breathing problems

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